Firstly, thank you for your time we know how precious it is but we are in need of your help!

Please make sure all donations are in date and unopened!

Donations can be dropped off at The ARC, PL5 3LR.

Volunteers are there from 1400-1700, but there is also an out of hours donation box too.

We are in need of

Tinned items & dry foods

Canned Food
Corn Flakes

Hygiene products


The largest amount of food waste is from the home, mainly from unused foods, check those cupboards and if it hasn't been used, donate it to someone who could. 

We are currently looking to do a collection on

Monday 9th May.

If you have more than 5 items and are unable to deliver please send us a message and we will build a route.

(Looking for volunteers on this day for collections). 

As you may know, The ARC has supplied over 90+ causes in and around our city completely free of charge. 

Many of these causes are part of a network called

Plymouth Food Aid Network, (PFAN). 

Unfortunately, this network has seen a very large decrease in tinned goods and The ARC has been commended for its ability to provide hygiene products and that's where your donation comes in.