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The Aid Redistribution Card
Benefits For Businesses

The ARC wants to help local
businesses like yours succeed.

By signing up to The ARCard you'll benefit in many ways.

  • New potential customers

  • Extra visitors to your store or website

  • Extra sales

  • Targetted discounts

  • Knowledge and kudos for helping your local community

  • Be part of a larger network

  • Listed on our ever-growing Facebook page 

  • Listing on our ARCard map

  • Entry in our directory

  • Shout-outs to our local businesses via our social media

  • Backlinks and forward links to your website

  • Reduce your waste. Surplus items can be utilised within our network

The benefits completely outweigh the cost, you will have all this for less than a small ad in a local paper, or even an online ad campaign.

Building stronger communities by arcing the gaps in society