About The ARC.

Aid Redistribution Centre

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The ARC was born from the idea, that aid could be donated and redistributed from one single location, not just physical but supportive aid too. 


From my personal experience with food poverty back in the '80s and '90s when I was a child, I've seen some improvements but it's not Government-led, It's from our communities, causes, charities, volunteers, and good people coming together to make a fairer world. 


From working in the charity sector we have seen the lack of finances, resources, skilled workforce, and good communication that can make charity goals seem impossible to achieve.


That's where The ARC is unique, we will do our utmost to ARC those gaps you may have! We can connect those dots, make connections with our massive network, help source products and equipment. Enabling you to do what you do best.


Please get in touch if your cause needs help.

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